Outdoor Waterproof Entertainment System For Bike/Motorbike/Cycle/Bicycle - Sleek Aluminum MP3 Player, Powerful Loudspeaker, Built in 2GB Memory, Quality Earphones, USB Cable, Bike Handlebar Mounting Straps

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  • Newest Outdoor Player Supports MP3/WMA formats, Amazing CrystalClear Sound
    • Integrated high-quality loudspeaker (up to 2.5 watts), Earphonejack For Private Listening
    • Aluminum Casing Provides Weather Resistance - Plus ProtectionFrom Accidental Impact
    • 2 GB Capacity - Stores Approximately 308 Songs (5.5 MinutesEach) - Battery Life: 9-60 Hours
    • Connect to PC, Computer Or Laptop to Upload Audio and Musicwith USB Cable Included

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