All-in-One Sauna Slimming Heating Waist Belt with Upgraded Electronic Temperature/Timer Control - For Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Stress and Fatigue

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  • Automatic Setup Program; Temperature Setting - 1-9 Grades, From 35°C to 75°C; Time Setting - 5-60 Minutes
  • Relieve Pain In Lower Back and On Waist - Muscle Spasms, Aches and Fatigue
  • Amazing Infrared (FIR) Technology Brings Natural Tropical Heat to Waist, Abdomen, Thighs and Back
  • FIR Waves Produced Heat Will Then Cause Sweat and Clean Out Toxic and Extra Fat From Body
  • Results In Calming, Soothing, Nurturing and Invigorating Effects - Great Body Care Supplement!

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