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If you're dealing with all the fuzz, the Lint Remover here is to help you! With this Lint Remover, you can now Instantly remover those tiny little fabric on your shirt. All it needs it 2 AA batteries, and the handy item starts moving.

The Lint Remover is made with Durable ABS Plastic, and the head is made with Strong Stainless Steel. This combination makes the device Extra Durable & Easy-To-Use. Besides, it is installed with a small container to store everything so that you can discard them easily, saving up all the troubles.


Brand new and high quality
Battery Operated Lint Remover,Longevity life time and durable
It can revitalize fabric quickly, easily and cost effectively
Compact in size and portable,easy to use and clean
Fabric fuzz shaver pill lint remover sweater,Works on all types of clothing materials
This handy tool helps maintain your clothes by removing lint, fuzz, pills and threads
The compact and portable design makes it perfect to use at Home and School,on Office
or during travel Anywhere
Keep your clothes looking new with this fabric lint shaver, such as sweaters, blankets,
drapes and furniture upholstery many of which tend to acquire lint and often "pill",
or get small balls of fuz

Net weight: about 65g
Package weight: abou 93g

Packing Content:
1 x Fabric Shaver


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